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Information about mosquitoes

Like flies mosquitoes are more prevalent in the warmer months of the year. That piercing buzzing noise and of clause the constant biting is enough to put anyone off going outdoors. Mosquitoes are blood sucking insects transmitting disease throughout the human and animal populations worldwide, with millions of people each year suffering and dying from Malaria. Here in Australia the effects are not as bad but we still need to stay on top of infestations. They breed in streams, rivers and swamps. In and around the Brisbane area the council carries out regular treatments of these areas. But they can also breed on your property.


Mosquitoes are small fragile insects with six legs, two wings covered in scales. The Mosquito head is has a projecting proboscis which conceals and protects the long piercing and sucking mouthparts. Mosquito's are biting insects, there complex life cycle consists of the larvae stage being totally aquatic and the adult stage are terrestrial, returning to a stagnate water to lay each batch of eggs. Mosquitoes disperse and fly from there original breeding site are between 2 or 10 kilometres, with a few species dispersing up to 50 kilometres downwind.

mosquito lifecycle

Mosquito's after locating a host, the female probing the skin for a blood then injecting saliva containing chemicals preventing blood from clotting. This often being the pathway for potential viruses entering the host. Female mosquito's after feeding on the host's blood, digest there meal and develop eggs then fly off to deposit them in a suitable aquatic site.

mosquito larva

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