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Technical Knowledge

All bugs Termite Management Service have experienced technicians and are able to provide you with the latest technical knowledge in:

  • Timber pest biology, lifecycles, species identification, habits & ecology
  • Timber identification & pest susceptibility
  • Termite management &prevention methods
  • Inspections & proposals for treatment
  • Identifying conducive areas
  • Chemicals & non-chemical approaches
Latest products and equipments

To minimise common pests we use pest specific products such as dust, gels, liquids or baits and apply them to targeted areas including ceilings, wall cavities, along skirting boards, inside cupboards, outside edges and other areas as required. By using the latest products and equipment we can offer the most effective and safest management programs to meet everyone's individual needs.

Timber pest inspections

Timber pest inspections may be carried out for a number of reasons including:
Pre-purchase inspections
Timber pest inspections for existing property owners
Re-inspections of existing termite barrier treatments

Signs of timber pest activity:

  • Termite mudding
  • Timber hollow sounds when tapping
  • Chewing sounds behind timbers
  • Soft paint bubbling
  • Termite flight cuts
  • High moisture
  • Fungal decay
  • Pinholes in timbers
Termite treatments

In accordance with the Australian Standards 3660, it is now recommended to have regular basic timber pest inspections each year. A termite inspection should be carried out urgently if you suspect any termite activity in your home, trees / stumps or retaining walls on your property.

Termite treatment methods include:
Dusting + foaming
Physical barriers
Chemical barriers
Reticulation systems