Annual Termite Inspections

According to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), it is recommended that Annual Termite Inspections be carried out on all commercial and residential buildings. In high risk areas, particularly along coastal regions, sometimes even more are needed. Termite infestations can occur at any time and without any clear signs of invasion. The only way to protect your home or commercial property from infestation is to have a termite inspection performed by professionally licensed pest controllers.

The Location and Behaviour of Termites

Depending on where you live or work, the risk of infestation can vary greatly between different climates and area. Your location and surrounding areas heavily influence the behaviour of termites and how they infiltrate your property.

Termites are capable of building many different kinds of nests (or ‘mounds’), and can be built as far away as your backyard tree – or within your property’s own walls. Some termites travel underground and establish nests beneath the soil, while others may find a home inside dead or living trees.

Termite mounds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes them easy to build even in the small crevices or spots. Our Annual Termite Inspections can uncover these hard-to-find colonies and other signs of termite infestation.

How We Perform Termite Inspections

When you arrange a termite inspection to be carried out, we use a variety of tools and methods to complete the job.

As termites come together and form colonies – whether that be inside or outdoors – they begin to generate large amounts of heat. We use thermal imaging devices to recognize these differences in heat, which can be used to find colonies built behind walls, trees and other surfaces. The thermal device provides a visual representation of different heat levels and helps us find the location of hidden termites.

Other tools and techniques we use include, moisture meters (high levels of moisture are a strong indicator of termite infestation), Termite Tappers (used to listen for differences in tone when tapping the walls) and if the moisture meter isn’t conclusive, a borescope is used to drill a tiny hole into the wall..

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