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Although not destructive like termites, ants can be a problem in other ways. Besides being a permanents nuisance around your gardens they can also invade your home and set up residence in the roof and wall cavities. The most common species are the Black Ants and Coastal Brown Ants. Green Ants make nests in the lawn and around paths and inflict a painful bite. Black Ants present the most problems to property owners. We are a family business based in Brisbane with 40 years of industry experience. We provide our customers with the most efficient resources for the highest quality of environmental products and services with personal affordability.

Black Ants



  • 2.5-3.0mm long
  • Black in colour
  • Single flattened node on pedicel, distinct and erect
  • Chewing mouthparts

Large trails of concentrated ants can be seen outside the building in garden beds and paths. Due to weather conditions these ants will re-establish themselves indoors. Nests can be found in wall cavities and in ceilings dropping from the ceiling causing discomfort. Often they appear on bench tops looking for food products. Deposits of black dust on window sills, skirtings and in bathrooms is a sign of black ant activity.

Brown Ants



  • 1.5-2.5mm long
  • Colour varies from light yellowish brown to brown
  • Large head in comparison to body size (soldier)
  • Thorax has one pair of spines
  • Abdominal pedicel has 2 raised nodes
  • Soldier has enlarged darkened head
  • Chewing mouth parts

Nests mainly in soil and builds along pathways, in gardens, and at the base of exterior walls, under houses. They prefer sunny, dry areas to nest but will nest above ground if soil is available. Can be found nesting in termite tracks. Ants are known to establish themselves in and around external and internal electrical power point and appliances which left untreated may cause fire.

Green Ants



  • 4.5-5.0mm long
  • Black with metallic green, blue, and purple in colour
  • Heavily armoured bodies

Dirt mounds around garden beds, paths and lawns. Adult ants can been seen foraging around the nest for up to 5 meters. When disturbed or stood on they inflict a painful bite.

Method of Treatment for Ants:
Rather than applying repellant type products we have devised a method of baiting that will insure the effective control of the infestation and target the nest as well.

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