Are Golden Orb Weavers Actually Dangerous?

Posted on November 21, 2020

Are Golden Orb Weavers Actually Dangerous?

Despite their reputation, Golden Orb Weavers are not aggressive or a danger to humans. Their venom is relatively low in pain and causes only mild effects. Plus, they are easy to spot, as their yellow silk web shines like gold in the sunlight

Visual Appearance

Golden Orb Weavers have a dark brown carapace (‘head’), followed by a light cream abdomen and yellow banded legs. As is common for most spiders, males are much smaller than females, measuring at 5mm compared to females which measure at 2cm – 4cm in length.

Keep in mind, there are two types of Golden Orb Weavers: one being the Nephilaplumipes(found in Sydney) and the other the I. edulis (found in inland regions), where the main difference is the presence of a ‘knob’ on the front sternum of the N. plumipes.

Weaves of Gold

As the name implies, Golden Orb Weavers are famous for their yellow golden silk web. Aside from being a visual treat for the eyes, the web is strong enough to stretch between 0.5 – 1m in diameter. It can also catch a variety of pests and flying insects, such as flies, beetles, locusts, wood moths, and cicadas. More impressively, some webs are tough enough to catch small birds and even bats!

What’s more, the strength of the web is enhanced by the presence of an additional barrier on one or both sides, and – in a rare instance of teamwork – the female spiders will often congregate to combine webs and catch prey together.

After creating the web, both the adult and juvenile Golden Orb Weavers stay there permanently, only leaving the web to collect and eat the prey they catch.[1] Sometimes they will wrap the prey in silk and hang nearby to eat later on.

Just like the St Andrews Cross spider, Golden Orb Weavers also vibrate their web as a means to distract and confuse predators

Common Hiding Spots

In Australia, Golden Orb Weavers are found across the country in both the outback and suburbs. They are quite fond of trees and bushes, as they can use these structures to create long web structures. However, they are known to use buildings to link webs together as well.

It is relatively uncommon for Golden Orb Weavers to enter buildings; however, if you have a strong presence of garden beds and vegetation around the place, there is a chance the spider may take an interest in your home.

How to Keep Golden Orb Weavers Away

To protect your home from Golden Orb Weavers be sure to keep garden beds away from the edge of the house. Relocate your garden beds, bushes, and other vegetation away from the structure. By keeping the Golden Orb Weaver population at a safe distance, they will have little reason to investigate your home.

Furthermore, keep your washing line away from the garden. And, to be extra cautious, always shake your washing down before you bring it inside, or else you could end up with a nasty surprise.

When you are in doubt, talk to a licensed pest control company like All Bugs. Our licensed team have a special knack for dealing with large, uncontrollable amounts of spiders, including Golden Orb Weavers. On a convenient time, they will discuss your pest problem, investigate your home, and provide a quote and treatment plan.

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