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Annual Termite Inspections for Ipswich

Safeguard Your Home or Business with an Annual Termite Inspection

Did you know damage caused by termites’ costs the Australian economy more than fire, flood and storm damage – combined? With billions of dollars spent on property repairs each year, its clear more Australians must take preventative measures to avoid the risk of a termite infestation. If you want to avoid major structural damage and costly repairs, let All Bugs offer peace of mind with annual termite inspections in Ipswich.

All Bugs is fully licensed, insured, and equipped to carry out termite inspections for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties. We offer Standard Termite Inspections (with thermal imaging) and Pre-Purchase Inspections.

Our team is available Monday to Saturday (7am – 7pm) for all appointments.

Annual Termite Inspection Service

The purpose of a termite inspection is to give your home or business a health check. Just like people, properties are prone to getting “sick,” and a regular check-up can help stop a minor threat before it gets worse.

On a convenient day and time, All Bugs will come to your property and inspect the inside and outs of the premise. During your annual termite inspection in Ipswich, the team will thoroughly check these areas:

  • Roof void
  • Subfloor
  • Around the property foundation
  • Outdoor areas (i.e. trees, garden beds and fence line)
  • Moisture-rich places (i.e. bathroom, laundry and kitchen)
  • Door and window frames
  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Structural timber products

By using the latest inspection tools and thermal image cameras, the process will not make the termites panic and relocate. Most inspections take at least 2-3 hours, so you know we take our time and leave no stone left untouched.

Call All Bugs on 3324 0111 to book an annual termite inspection in Ipswich.

Termite Inspection Report

Within 24 hours of the inspection, you get an inspection report and photos via email. This copy is yours to keep. It can be used by All Bugs as a reference for future inspections. The report will explain the following to you:

  • Species of termite
  • Possible entry points
  • Damage to timber products
  • Leaking pipes or plumbing facilities
  • Location of nests
  • Extent of the infestation

Your technician will be happy discuss the results of the report with you over the phone. If we do find termites, we will recommend a number of affordable treatment options to stop the infestation for good.

To protect your home or business from further damage, all termite treatments from All Bugs come with a warranty for peace of mind.

Why Choose All Bugs for Annual Termite Inspections

  • Domestic and commercial inspections for Ipswich
  • Pre-Purchase inspections
  • Detailed inspection report within 24 hours
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Flexible payment options
  • Compliant with Australian Standard (AS3660.1 – 2000 Termite Management)
  • Warranty for all termite treatments

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If you want to protect your property, let All Bugs help make your work or living space a termite-free zone.

To book an annual termite inspection in Ipswich, give All Bugs a call on 3324 0111 or complete the online enquiry form.