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Fully qualified and insured. Reports sent within 24-hours. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Overdue for an annual termite inspection in Stafford?Suspect there is an infestationin the works? Relax. All Bugs have you covered.

Our team of friendly local technicians are available at short-notice to inspect your property fortimber pests such astermites, wood borers and timber decay. By combining the latest non-invasive technology with decades of pest behaviour knowledge, you’ll get a highly detailed report that lays out everything you need to know.

If evidence of a termite infestation is found, you’ll get an obligation-free quote for termite treatment. You may also get recommendations for preventive measures to reduce the risk of a future infestation.

Just like the rest of All Bugs offerings, your satisfaction is assured with an exclusive service guarantee.

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Your Best Defence Against Termites

Wherever you are based in Stafford, termites pose a major risk to your home and business. CSIRO data shows that most of Queensland, especially built-up, metropolitan areas, are at a high-risk of termite damage.

That’s why the CSIRO recommends an annual termite inspection for all properties and more frequent visits depending on your risk of termites.

By enlisting the help of All Bugs you’re taking the right step to safeguarding your most valuable investment. And, since early detection is so vital to preventing a costly attack, what you spend now will save you an absolute fortune later.

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Why Choose All Bugs?

First and foremost, All Bugs is fully insured and qualified to conduct termite inspections in line with Australian Standards.You’ll enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands.

Secondly, All Bugs uses the latest non-invasive technology – including thermal imaging, infrared and more – to inspect the property. This means there is no risk of causing a disturbance. Plus, the inspection will be carried out quickly and the report will be 100% accurate

Thirdly,no stone will be left unturned. From the main living areas and outdoors to wet areas, drainage pipes, around the foundation, the rooftop, near retaining walls, gardens and heaps more. Every aspect of your property will be checked with a fine-tooth comb. As a result, we can identify the exact source of most infestations and propose a viable solution.

Finally, no matter where you are based in Stafford, you can expect a consistently high level of service from the same dedicated team. We don’t subcontract to third-parties. That means every technician is a proud member of the All Bugs family.

Here’s What’s in Your Report…

  • Evidence of past or current termite infestation – This includes the presence of mud tunnels, flaky or hollow timber products, termite shells, live termites, termite pellet mounds and more.
  • Evidence of structural damage – In the form of chipped, flaky or cracked timber, invasive moisture, mould and peeling paint.
  • Areas that were inspected – Any areas that require further investigation will be mentioned in the report.
  • Termite treatment recommendations – In the event of an infestation, you’ll be recommended a range of treatment plans which incorporate baits, traps and other control measures. There is no obligation to accept this quote or offer.

Protect Your Most Valuable Investment

Secure a booking with All Bugs for a trustworthy, reliable and professional termite inspection in Stafford. Simply call (07) 3324 0111 or send your online enquiry. Your technician will gladly arrange a suitable day and time.