Annual Termite Inspections for Toowong

Preserve the value and structural integrity of your property – while giving you, your family, your clients, and your customer’s peace of mind – with an annual termite inspection in Toowong; carried out by fully licensed and insured pest experts, who are proud members of the All Bugs family.

On a convenient day and time, our technicians will perform a thorough, detailed, and comprehensive inspection of all accessible areas on the premise, inside and out. By using the latest termite tracking technology, such as termite detection radars, remote thermal sensors, and advanced moisture sensors, we can discreetly identify the source of the infestation – as well as the location of nests and entry points – without penetrating the wall. As a result, there is no risk of disturbing the termites, so they will not panic and relocate to other parts of the building.

After the inspection, you will be sent a detailed inspection report (compliant with Australian Building Standards AS 4349.1-2007) via email within 24-hours, which will explain to you in clear language:

  • Evidence of timber pest activity – with high quality photographs
  • Minor and major defects
  • Past, current, and future susceptibility to termite infestations
  • Recommended treatment options – including a free, no-obligation quote

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Just How Important Are Annual Termite Inspections?

An annual termite inspection is essential to the early detection of destructive timber pests, such as termites, wood borers, and fungi. The use of termite tracking technology enables a pest expert to identify the signs of an infestation that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. This way, we can determine the source of the problem, and the severity of the infestation, before serious harm comes to your home or business. So, while there is a slight upfront cost to an annual termite inspection in Toowong, in actual fact, you save a fortune compared to what you would spend on building repairs and rectification. Most importantly, you have peace of mind knowing that your investment is safe and sound.

Why Choose All Bugs

  • Fully licensed, insured, and experienced pest experts
  • Same-day inspection reports
  • Accurate and non-invasive termite tracking technology
  • Proudly servicing all of Toowong and surrounding suburbs
  • Over 4 decades of industry experience
  • Free, no-obligation quotes

Save Your Property From a Potential Infestation

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