Termite Treatment for Toowong

All Bugs is your trusted local provider of safe, effective and long lasting termite treatment in Toowong and the surrounding suburbs.

Whether you have uncovered the signs of an infestation, or you suspect one is in the works, All Bugs will identify the source of the problem and put in place a custom treatment plan to remove termites from the building – and keep them out for good.

How are these results achieved?

Firstly, All Bugs has decades of knowledge, research and hands-on experience with termites. We know how they get in, where they like to hide, their diet, and which treatments work best in different scenarios. Plus, we’re always improving our control methods, to ensure you get a service that delivers the best results.

Secondly, through the use of advanced termite control methods, such as chemical and physical termite barriers, foaming and dusting, and baiting stations. These products are specially designed to attract, lure and poison not just individual termites, but also infect any remaining termites (plus the queen) in their associated colony. Thus, with professional termite treatment in Toowong, it’s possible to achieve total elimination.

Thirdly, All Bugs is a proudly locally owned and operated business with over 4 decades of experience. Every technician is a fully trained member of the All Bugs family. So you can expect a consistently high level of service every time, backed by a workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind.

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A Little Bit About the Termite Control Methods We Use

There are many ways to control a termite infestation. Some a more effective than others. We employ only the most effective, safest, and eco-friendly treatment plans to bring you relief.

Here is a quick breakdown of each method:

  • Chemical termite barrier –A secure soil barrier to protect the building from termite entry and infestation.Liquid termiticide is applied deep into the soil around the perimeter of the building. Depending on the chemical, it will either act as a deterrence or kill any termites (and the associated colony) who make contact with the barrier. Liquid chemical barriers require refilling on a regular basis during the course of treatment.
  • Termite baiting stations –Baiting stations are small, self-contained units that are buried into the ground around a building. To attract termites, each stationus filled with organic material that termites find irresistible. Once live termites are found in the stations, termite bait is placed directly into the units. If successful, the termites will consume the bait, return to their associated nest, and then infect and kill the colony including the queen.
  • Physical termite barriers –Since 2001, it has been a requirement for all newly constructed buildings to feature a physical termite barrier. Laid out as a sheet over the perimeter of a building slab, the material serves as a secure termite and moisture barrier to prevent termite entry and infestation. Installation is carried out during the construction of a new building, as it works in conjunction with building elements that are otherwise inaccessible after construction is complete.
  • Reticulation systems – A series of underground pipes set up deep within the soil around the perimeter of a building to prevent termite entry and infestation. A precise amount of chemical termiticide is applied to the piping network. This serves as a consistent and long-term form of protection against the invasion of termites. Ideal if you live in a high-risk area or building a new home from scratch.
  • Dusting and foaming –When used in conjunction with other methods, dusting and foaming is an effective form of termite control. This method is usually employed to control a targeted group of termites, where other forms of treatment would be less effective. Typically, this approach does not kill the entire colony or queen, but can help reduce the amount of termites in hard to reach areas.

Why Choose All Bugs

When you enlist the help of All Bugs, you benefit from over 4 decades of knowledge and experience in termite control for Toowong.

Not only will you receive a great service, at a price you can afford, but also the expert advice and support you need to protect your home or business from a termite invasion for the long-term – as opposed to just a ‘quick fix.’

As part of our commitment to your lasting satisfaction, your termite control is covered by a workmanship guarantee for all products and services. Put simply, if you’re not happy – neither are we! So we’ll endeavour to resolve your termite problem, at no extra cost, if the fault lies with us. It’s all part of our commitment to your absolute satisfaction.

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