How Long Do Termite Treatments Last?

Posted on November 28, 2019

How Long Do Termite Treatments Last?

Each type of termite treatment has their own unique service life, and there are many factors that determine how long a particular treatment will last for.

In an ideal scenario, the effects of a treatment will wear off naturally after a certain length of time. Unfortunately, sometimes the effects of a treatment can wear off prematurely due to external factors such as poor workmanship, lack of maintenance, and low quality products.

By having your termite treatment installed and regularly maintained by a licensed pest controller, this will ensure you get rid of the current infestation and protect your home or business from termites for the entire service life of the product – possibly even beyond the expected service life.

To find out how long termite treatments last, and which type of termite treatment is right for your home or business, contact All Bugs today.

Average Service Life of Common Termite Treatments

Below is a breakdown of the average service life for each type of termite treatment.

Keep in mind, these figures only apply if the treatment is properly installed and maintained under the manufacturer specifications. Failure to follow the manufacturer specifications under normal conditions of use can negatively impact the lifespan and effectiveness of the treatment.

Physical Termite Barrier

Physical Termite BarrierIn essence, a physical termite barrier is a plastic termite and moisture barrier. They are laid underneath or around the perimeter of a concrete slab during the construction of a new building or an extension.

The main purpose of the physical termite barrier is to prevent subterranean termites from entering the property.

All homes and businesses constructed after 2001 are legally required to have a physical termite barrier. They must be installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.1 – 2000 Termite Management New Building Work and AS 3660.2 – 2000 Termite Management in and Around Existing Buildings.

How long do physical termite treatments last? They have an average lifespan of 20 years or more and they require no routine maintenance or upkeep.

Chemical Termite Barrier

How long do termite treatments lastChemical termite barriers are made up of liquid termiticide designed to either kill or deter termites depending on the product you choose.

For existing buildings, the chemical is applied beneath the soil around the perimeter of the foundation. For new buildings during construction, the chemical is applied underneath or around the edges of the concrete slab. Under Australian Standards a chemical termite barrier must be installed in a way that the barrier is easy to access and refill for the entire service life of the product.

Depending on the quality and type of product, the soil conditions, and the maintenance schedule, a properly installed and maintained chemical termite barrier can last for up 5 – 8 years in the right soil conditions..


Termite Baiting Stations

In-ground termite baiting stations are installed around the perimeter of the building and designed to intercept worker termites (who are foraging for food) before they enter the premise.

Termite baiting stations are made up of timber, which is irresistible to termites and will entice them to feed on the material. Once the baiting stations are installed, the pest controller will let the station sit for around 7-14 days before coming back to confirm the presence of termites. Once live termites are inside, the pest controller will add the bait. Finally, the termites will consume the bait, return to the nest, and eventually poison the Queen and the remaining colony.

Termite Baiting Stations

During the early stages of treatment, it is highly recommended to have the baiting stations inspected every 2-3 weeks. During each visit, the pest controller will determine if the treatment is working and refill each station with bait. Once the treatment starts to achieve results, the frequency of each visit can drop down to once every 6-8 weeks.

Finally, once the entire colony has been eliminated, the baiting stations can either stay or be removed, ready to use at a later time.

How to Boost the Service Life of Your Termite Treatment

Here are a few simple ways to get the most out of your termite treatment and ensure they last the maximum service life:

  • Professional installation: Regardless of the treatment, always have your termite treatment installed by a fully licensed, insured, and experienced pest controller. They should also have access to the latest pest control products and methods including use of nationally recognised brands. Plus, make sure they back up each of their services with a workmanship guarantee.
  • Routine maintenance: Have the same pest controller who installed the treatment in the first place carry out routine check-ups on the treatment. During each visit, your pest controller should check to see if the treatment is working, refill the products, and make any necessary adjustments to achieve the best results.
  • Do not disturb the Termite Barrier treatment: If at any time you have to negate the termite barrier for example: plumbing repairs, installation of decking, extensions, foot paths, you should engage your pest control installer for advice and to carry out the necessary retreatment to re-establish the exist barrier

Find Out Which Termite Treatment is Right for You

It’s important to remember. The lifespan of a treatment is secondary to its overall effectiveness.

By far, the best way to find out which type of treatment is right for you, is to have a qualified pest controller carry out a visual inspection of your home or business. From there, they will recommend a custom treatment plan that works for you.

To arrange a termite inspection with the friendly team at All Bugs, simply call (07) 3324 0111 or send your online enquiry.

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