How to Control Spiders in Your Home

Posted on November 25, 2020

How to Control Spiders in Your Home

For some, the mere sight of a spider is enough to send shivers down their spine. If you’re one of them, then you probably want to know how to control spiders in your home – so that they are out of sight and mind.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to reduce the presence of spiders. Some methods are non-lethal as well, so you can keep them away without the risk of causing harm or distress.Here are some of the most effective control methods for spiders.

Pesticide Aerosol Spray

This is the most common response when people see a spider. They head to the cupboard, grab the bug spray, and apply directly to it.

Of course, given the nature of this approach, these products are specially formulated to kill spiders and control cobwebs. So any spider that makes direct contact with the formula will eventually die.

Some surface sprays are specially formulated to be used as a preventive measure, where you apply the product to surfaces around the home in order to establish a protective barrier. Depending on the quality of the product, these barriers can last for up to 6 months or more.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Pretty much all spiders are attracted to dark, concealed, and uninhabited spots. These include piles of debris like leaves and stones, cardboard boxes, tiny cracks and crevices, beneath furniture, cupboards and ceiling corners, to name a few.

What does this mean for you? If your home is full of clutter, then spiders are going to love your place.

That’s why it is so important to clean your home on a regular basis. By keeping the main living and storage areas spotless, you are less likely to attract not just spiders – but also the pests and insects that spiders feed on. As a result, the spiders will have to look elsewhere for a reliable food source.

Here are some cleaning tasks you can do to improve the quality of your home:

  • Vacuum the floors regularly – including cobwebs
  • Remove all possible food sources – i.e. leftovers, spills, and open containers
  • Don’t keep exposed pet food out all day long
  • Don’t keep dirty dishes lying around all day
  • Empty the indoor garbage bins every night before going to sleep
  • Clean up the outdoor area – i.e. remove leaves and piles, remove dirty dishes, clean up spills

Natural, Lethal-Free Surface Treatments

You can use a wide range of natural scents to repel spiders from the home.

Fragrances like peppermint oil, rose, and lavender not only smell great but are also unpleasant to spiders. Add 15 to 20 drops of the fragrance to a spray water bottle. Then, apply the formula to different surfaces around the home – such as windowsills, cracks and crevices, beneath door frames, and other possible entry points.

Another simple and low-maintenance way to fend off spiders is to plant eucalyptus around the home. The strong medicinal scent will repel spiders, plus they smell great and are a visual treat as well. If you cannot get your hands on eucalyptus, you can use other plants like mint and lavender.

Lastly,apply some citrus around the property. It is known to be highly unpleasant towards spiders. For example, grab a citrus peel from a lemon, and rub it along different surfaces like skirting boards, door and window frames, and near cracks and crevices. You can also use lemon-scented cleaners and furniture polish for a similar effect.

When to Call the Professionals

What do you do if you have exhausted all the above options and still have a spider problem? It’s important to keep in mind that, even with the best effort, there is no guarantee that you will completely eliminate spiders from your home.

After all, spiders are a part of Australia’s diverse and wonderful ecosystem, and in many respects they help maintain the balance all year round. Of course, that’s not to say that you should tolerate a constant swarm of spiders. So, if you discover a larger than usual presence of spiders in your home, talk to a local pest control company like All Bugs.

Talking to a licensed pest expert is a great way to ‘see the big picture’ of your pest problem. Their insight and expertise can help you uncover potential gaps in your current treatment system. And, if a deeper underlying problem is discovered, you can relax knowing that your pest experts will resolve the problem – quickly, easily, and with zero-fuss to your existing way of life.

Best of all? You receive the assurance that your pest treatment will be safe around the family, and provide lasting relief for a long time.

To request a free custom quote for spider control, get in touch with All Bugs or call (07) 3324 0111.

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