Silverfish Control Brisbane

Information about silverfish

Don’t let this bug chew a hole in your wallet

Silverfish live and breed in undisturbed areas such as store rooms and ceilings. In book cases and wardrobes they can destroy paper and fabric.


Silverfish are wingless insects with a flat scaled covered body with a silvery appearance. They have long antennae at the front and rear of the body and can grow up to 40 mm in length. Adults continue to live up to 3 – 4 years. Silverfish are fast moving and being nocturnal the prefer dark places.

Silverfish cause damage by eating foods or other materials that are high in protein, sugar, or starch. They eat cereals, moist wheat flour, paper on which there is glue or paste, wallpaper and book bindings, starch in clothing, and rayon fabrics. Silverfish are nocturnal and are not often seen by day. The silverfish lives and develops in dark, damp, cool places, especially bathrooms and basements. Large numbers may be found in new buildings in which the masonry is still damp. Because silverfish need and seek moisture, they are frequently found trapped in sinks and bathtubs. They may also be found in bookcases, around closet shelves, behind skirting boards and window and door frames. Silverfish are often brought into new homes in cardboard cartons, books and papers from infested sites.

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