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The creepy incy wincy spider

There are many varieties of spiders far too many to mention. The most common species that property owners encounter are those that enter and breed inside. The very large and very creepy huntsman is responsible for sneaking in under your door and scurrying around under your furniture. The Red back spider will usually live and breed around the buildings and are considered very dangerous. Other species live in the foliage in and around the grounds and on the exterior of buildings. Their messy webs are considered the biggest problem.

Red Back Spider

Red backs are webbing spider, they are black in colour with a bulbous abdomen and have a very instinctive large red or orange stripe on the dorsal top surface with long front black legs, however some females are fawn in colour. The female body is larger approximately 12-15mm. Males are much smaller 3-4mm and are not normally seen. Adults Red backs last for 1 year and in Ideal conditions can produce several egg per season. Cocoons can contain approximately 50-200 eggs and are produced in late summer. The female inflicts a painful bite and has been known to cause death other symptoms can include lack of coordination, paralysis and tremors. Vomiting or nausea, swelling, dizziness or fainting, fever and muscular spasms have been recorded however the male does not bite.

Red backs are more abundant in warm and dry areas. Most commonly harbouring around loose bark, pot plants, logs and fences. More importantly people have been bitten by Red backs from underneath outdoor furniture. They are also found inside the ceilings of homes dropping through light fittings and nesting around verandahs.

Huntsman Spider

Huntsman are crawling spiders and hunt for their food. They can grow quite large in diameter. Up to 150mm giving them a frightful appearance they have hairy and flattened bodies and are not aggressive but when annoyed can inflict a defensive non toxic bite.

Huntsman live under tree bark merging at night to gather food. They can enter homes mostly when it is wet.

White Tail Spider

Adults spiders have a long round body grey and black in colour with a distinctive white mark on the end of the abdomen. They grow to approximately 15 – 30 mm in size and their bite can be painful and will cause rashes and blistering. If untreated these symptoms can spread and cause great discomfort.

Often found under tree bark and mulch they can enter the home and like to breed in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries.

White tail spider bite:

If bitten by this spider you should seek medical advice from your doctor or nearest hospital.

Garden Orb Spider

Adult females have large abdomen and hairy bodies light brown in colour. They grow up to 40 mm. male spiders are never seen Garden Orbs seldom bite and are non toxic.

Garden Orb Spiders build a large orb like web at night between foliage and in the daytime are found huddled up under a leaf or fascia board on the building.

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