Installing a termite barrier

Protection against termites

When constructing a home or a commercial building in Brisbane, it is important to protect it against termites and one of the most effective ways of doing so is by installing a termite barrier. There are two kinds of termite barrier technologies presently available in Brisbane. One is physical termite barrier while the second is a chemical termite barrier.

All Bugs Termite Management Services have over thirty years of experience in installing termite barriers in Brisbane and we provide both options, depending on your specific needs.

Physical Termite Barrier

Physical termite barriers in Brisbane are either stainless steel meshes, granulated rock or chemically impregnated membranes. The meshes have holes that are too small for termites to go through and are usually fixed around the perimeter of a house wherever pipes come out from the concrete slabs. In contrast, granular rocks are very heavy for termites to move away and it serves as a wall to deter the movement of termites into your property. Please note, our company does not carry out this work.

Chemical Termite Barriers

Chemical termite barriers work by spraying the soil around a building with chemicals so that termites entering the zone will be poisoned, thus protecting the building from an attack.

Chemical termite barriers are put in place by spraying, reticulation and impregnation. Liquid termiticides are sprayed in trenches and under concrete slabs around the house.

Alternatively, the liquid is reticulated through piped systems around the house. We at All Bugs recommend a follow-up treatment after a duration of 3-6 years for the best results.

All Bugs Termite Management Services have over thirty years of experience in installing chemical termite barriers in Brisbane.

Regular inspections

Although physical and chemical termite barriers minimise the probability of a termite infestation, they are still not permanent foolproof measures. As a result, All Bugs highly recommends regular inspections of your property and the termite barriers surrounding the house to keep your house safe from these destructive pests.