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Frequently Asked Questions

I've found Termites, what do I do?
Don't panic. If you have been moving stuff and accidentally found them, try not to disturb them any further to minimise the spread. Do not spray, sweep or pour hot water on them. Less disturbance will give you a better chance of assessing the situation properly.
Call All Bugs 3324 0111 and arrange a full Termite Inspection to identify the affected areas and develop a management plan. We also provide a written report a FREE Termite Treatment Quotation.

Why do I need a Termite Inspection?
As per Australian Standard AS3660 it is recommended that a Termite Inspection is done at least every 12 months. It is an important part of Termite Management program, we cannot legally treat a property without having a Termite Inspection.
We have to assess evidence of termites or other timber pests, and if so, what needs to be done to effectively manage the problem.
Please Note: This option will not eradicate existing termite activity or provide any future protection from further attack. Your termite treatment will be conducted separately.

How much does a termite treatment cost?
Unfortunately, we cannot give you an accurate price without seeing the property. As it all depends on the severity of the problem, method of treatment and chemicals used. It is best that you arrange a FREE Termite Treatment Quote.

How long will the chemicals last?
The life of the chemical in a perfect situation may vary from product to product. However the products we use are guaranteed to last at least 5 years.

How long does it take to do the termite treatment?
It usually takes a full day starting at 8:00am.

Do I have to be there on the day of treatment?
Not necessarily, as long as we have access to power, water and areas to be treated.

General Pest

Where do you treat?
It depends on the pest. All our treatments focus on the places where the particular pest will breed, hide or feed.
Cockroaches, Silverfish & Brown Ants - areas treated are roof void, kitchen and bathroom cupboards, skirting, doors and window frames, weep holes and the external perimeter including garages and sheds.
Spiders - areas treated are roof void, eaves, cloths line, fences and carports.
Fleas - blanket spray to all floor areas, under the house, bare soil areas and to the external perimeter.
Black Ants - If you are finding them all over the inside of the house we would treat the roof void and spray the outside perimeter of the house and the shed. We recommend you to mow your lawn 4 days prior to treatment for effective treatment.

Do I have to empty my cupboards?
You don't really have to. Just make sure that open packets of food are covered.

How long before I can come back inside?
It is safe to enter treated area as long as the liquid treatment has dried.

Do you offer warranty?
Yes we offer a 12 months warranty of treatment for Cockroaches (excluding German Cockroaches), Silverfish and Brown Ants only.


Is it safe for pets and kids?
Yes the chemicals we use are target specific which means, the dose is specifically formulated to target pests only, without harming humans and other animals or wildlife.
We still recommend children with allergies, crawling toddlers and pregnant woman in her first trimester should avoid exposure to pesticides. Please inform us if you or anyone in your household members are sensitive to chemicals.

Are the chemicals environmentally friendly?
Yes they are environmentally friendly, odourless and registered chemicals for public use. The current range of products we use are derived from natural sources.